August 16, 2022

Thousands of farmers of Punjab, who are walking on tractors and on foot to protest in Delhi, have been stopped by Haryana Police near Ambala. This has created a situation of confrontation between the police and farmers of BJP ruled Haryana. Ambala has news of a clash between the farmers and the police. During this, brick and stone also went on. To stop the farmers, barricades were placed on the roads and bridges which the farmers broke and threw them into the river. Seeing the farmers moving forward, policemen have showered cold water and fired tear gas shells on them this morning. Reactions are coming from all over the country on this news. Bollywood actress Swara Bhakser has also tweeted.

Swara Bhakser shared a tweet and wrote: ‘Ask. 100 percent yes. In the tweet shared by Swara Bhaskar, it can be seen that the police-administration used water splashes on the farmers. Many pictures and videos related to farmers are becoming very viral on social media.