August 16, 2022

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, two major smartphone manufacturers, both announced the fall of premium models.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 debuted on August 23rd at the Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2017 event held at Park Avenue Amur, New York.

Despite its light weight of 195 grams, the Galaxy Note 8 is the largest of the other Galaxy Note models with a 6.3-inch display. Like Samsung’s previous Galaxy S8, it has a thin bezel and no physical home button, so you can get a bigger screen.

New features include dual cameras. The smartphone is the first to have two cameras with optical image stabilization (OIS), allowing for clearer and more stable shooting.

The Galaxy Note 8’s “live focus” mode allows you to adjust the blurring of the background to get a sharper image. This editing function can be done during or after taking the picture. With the “Dual Capture” function in “Live Focus” mode, one can zoom in on the subject and take a wide-angle picture with the press of a button.

Another notable feature is “real-time messaging”. You can create animated handwritten messages using the S Pen stylus that comes with your phone.