August 16, 2022

In 1993, SNCF shared TGV high-speed train technology with Korail. Based on this knowledge, Korean companies have created their own brand of KTX high-speed trains designed specifically for Korea’s terrain and climate. The service started on April 1, 2004. In 2012, KORAIL added the KTX-Sancheon railway car to the high-speed rail network, a next-generation KTX train that covers a large area of ​​the Korean Peninsula.

Twenty-four years after the initial exchange, SNCF is now surveyed in Korea, KORAIL’s KTX trains and other innovations from July 24 to 26, express this time has returned

Introduced in some of the latest SNCF Secretary General Xavier Ouin three SNCF technicians KTX high-speed train technology supporting networks that support train connections, including Internet of Things (IoT)-based monitoring systems. After looking at the KTX-Sancheon railcar, a modified version of the standard high-speed train launched in 2012, Secretary-General Ouin said, “Through this visit, I learned that KORAIL and SNCF are doing many similar studies.” Areas including IoT-based maintenance and repair systems and train operation security measures “

“I have come across a lot of interesting ideas, such as a high-speed train connection system and a navigation tool for engineers. Overall it was a very worthwhile trip.”