September 27, 2022

The A list of the safest cars of 2017 was the BMW 520D, Mercedes-Benz E220d and Kia Stinger on the list of the top three cars released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on December 13.

For this assessment the 2013 criteria include collision safety (60 points), pedestrian safety (25 points) and accident prevention (15 points), so the ministry has a total possible score of 100, Carrying out vehicle safety evaluation

, BMW 520D with 99.1 points, Mercedes-Benz E220d with 97.4 points came in first and second place. These models scored particularly high in the pedestrian and accident prevention categories.

Kia Stinger finished third with 92.6 points. It is rated here as one of the safest sports sedans on the market.

Stinger got the perfect score in the crash safety category. It scored the highest score of 16 points in the front impact, partial front impact and side impact collision subcategories, higher than BMW or Mercedes.

In addition, 2 points have been added to the side impact of the stanchion, earning 60 points in the collision safety category.