August 16, 2022

Chung SYE-Kyun was appointed as the second of the country’s 46th Prime Minister and President Moon Jae-in’s administration on January 14.

At the inauguration ceremony held in Seoul, Prime Minister Chung vowed to be a “government that supports the people,” and said, “We urge the people and the country that deserves to be considered a prosperous country.”

He first mentioned the economy in his speech, saying, “I will develop a good environment for the enterprise and boost the vitality of the economy.”

“We also pledge to revive the economy of people’s lives by innovating regulations, growing innovatively, and expanding support for small businesses and small business owners.”

Prime Minister hung also said that sincere communication and governance hopes to establish a higher level of social integration and justice, a stronger foundation of national security. 

At the award ceremony held at Cheong Wa Dae before the presidential inauguration ceremony, President Moon Jae-in gave Prime Minister C a certificate of appointment, stating that “recovery of politics of dialogue, compromise and communication is of utmost importance.” It was.

The president also called on the new prime minister to successfully guide the cabinet through cooperative politics and governance.