August 16, 2022

The new website provides information on the past, present and future of smart cities in South Korea.

On January 8th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism opened the Smart City Portal in both Korean and English versions . Launched under the policy of the U-City project in the early 2000s, the site contains smart city information and related sections collected over the last decade.

For your convenience, the portal has sections called “Company Information”, “Policy”, “Projects”, “R & D”, “Governance”, “Global Smart Cities”, and “News”.

The Policy section allows you to view and download data related to laws, systems, regulations, national projects and smart city city planning. Users can also easily search for news releases from relevant ministries and local government offices, and the portal works with the Architectural City Research Information Center to provide academic information.

The website includes central governments such as the Presidential Smart City Special Committee of the Fourth Industrial Revolutionary Commission, the Ministry’s National Smart City Commission, and the National Council of Local Governments, which consists of 119 metropolitan and state groups. Data on government agencies are also posted.

Visitors can see the smart technologies and services of members of the Convergence Alliance, which consists of private companies.