August 16, 2022

In his New Year’s speech at Cheong Wa Dae on January 7, President Moon Jae-in outlined the 2020 national keywords: inclusiveness, innovation, equity and peace.

Last year, the president thanked those who helped the administration to lay a solid foundation for a country that supports everyone’s prosperity, innovative and inclusive growth. He also pledged to implement more policies to bring about real change in 2020.

Emphasizing inclusiveness, the president said the country created a record high of 280,000 jobs last year, adding that this trend will continue into the new year and reducing the wage gap between large and medium-sized companies.

The comprehensive policy outlined by the President included the provision of comprehensive and customized services for early retirees and job seekers. Regulatory reform and increased investment incentives; parental leave for both parents at the same time; financial assistance to marginalized workers, including women, recent graduates and the elderly. Strengthen employment safety nets and guaranteed medical insurance.