September 27, 2022

Tony Stark, the protagonist of the blockbuster superhero film series “Iron Man”, has a complete personal assistant from Jarvis. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based assistants not only search for and provide simple information, but also joke that you need to fully understand the situation around you.

Unlike a few years ago, AI personal assistants no longer sound new or strange when such techniques were considered to be found only in the cinematic realm.

Find answers with and learn more about such assistants and big data. His startup specializes in AI-based language processing technology and developed the brains of “Cutting Robots”, which debuted in Korea at the end of last year.

“By limiting the area of ​​robotic functions such as display curation or guidance in museum facilities, the capacity of AI assistants can be upgraded.”

He added that this is because more specific words and sentences will be used in the dialogue once the dialogue area is defined. When a visitor approaches the robot and asks for an item to display, the location of the item is displayed on the screen and guides the person.

This is Culture Curating Artificial Intelligence, or CuAi, a robot that guides and provides professional focused services backed by leading AI technologies that enable natural language understanding. CuAi can provide detailed information on exhibits, facilities, and services thanks to knowledge-learning and conversational training in all fields related to the museum.