August 16, 2022

In Central Asia is established in Kazakhstan, especially on Bastobe Hill in the village of Ushtobe in the Almaty region, a Korean-Chinese memorial park that was forced to settle in the Russian Far East.

The hill also has a historical meaning for Central Asian compatriots called  Goryeoin  . In 1937, about 170,000 Koreans were forced to evacuate Primorsky Krai from the Soviet Union due to the discrimination and discrimination policies of the communist regime by Josef Stalin. Bastobe Hill was the first settlement in the Central Asian  Koreans  it is the place arrived.

According to residents of nearby villages, during the  Goryeo Dynasty, they cultivated desolate land in the harsh cold of minus 40 degrees Celsius to dig through frozen earth with bare hands to survive. About 20,000 people died in this environment.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the memorial park took place on July 26 this year, which will also commemorate the improvement of relations between Korea and Kazakhstan.

“We will continue to develop and promote this place as a historic site that can share the area’s historical significance. In addition, we will share the sad history of Koreans (Central Asia) along with the increasing intimacy between the two countries.”