September 27, 2022

About 28,000 people from 450 countries working in the video game industry gathered at the conference. We share information about new technologies and new products.

In addition to major gaming companies like Netmarble or NC Soft, 14 small businesses including Bhaptics, Nettention, VRotein, C2Monster and Grampus showcased their video game technology from March 1st to 3rd, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture. Sports Tourism and Korea Contents Agency (KOCCA).

The company mainly showcased games created using VR and AR technology, a megatrend in the current global video game industry. Games demonstrated at the conference include EVR Studio’s adventure game “Project M”, T Pot studio’s puzzle game “Forgotten Chambers”, Nfloyd’s shooting game “Ark Fire VR”, VRotein’s room escape game “Trespass”, and DEC Korea’s mobile The games “The M” and “Arena” both use VR or AR technology.

Many visitors wanted to try out Korean VR devices. They used the Tactosy, a haptic device made by Bhaptics, to track in 3D space, or to shoot virtual guns with almost real rebounds with Realgam’s “forced feedback device”.

In addition, smart controllers that make smart TV much easier to use, and media art pieces that provide psychotherapy using stereo sound and VR video were also popular with visitors.

During the conference, Korean video game sound developer Studio Doma signed an MOU with Swedish video game company Elias Software AB to share video game audio technology.

An official from KOCCA said, “Because Korean companies have great potential, success in the global market is possible with more efforts.” “The government plans to provide comprehensive support, including funding for research and development,” he said.