September 27, 2022

LG and Kia Motors have been recognized for their product design at this year’s Red Dot Awards, one of the top three international design awards.

LG’s Premium Built-in Kitchen Suite Pro Range Oven and Ultra HD CineBeam Laser 4K Projector each won the Best of the Best award.

The oven was recognized for details such as overall ergonomic design, easy operation and easy-to-use handles. Unlike other projectors, this projector has a rectangular shape with a handle, making it easier to carry. The Design Awards Jury pointed out the balance between aesthetics and convenience.

The Stinger, Kia Motors’ sports sedan, also won the Best of the Best award. The car previously also won the iF Design Award, one of the world’s best design awards in February.

The Red Dot Award has been selected as one of the world’s top three design awards along with the iF Design Award and the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). This year, about 6,300 designs have been awarded in 59 countries. Only 69 designs, 1.1% of the total number of participants, won the Best of the Best award. The Best of the Best rewards are Red Dots and Honorable Mentions.