August 16, 2022

Russia is a key country in Seoul’s new North Korean policy by strengthening business cooperation with its northern neighbors, the goal of the Korean government.

2018 Korea Brand Entertainment Entertainment Expo (KBEE2018 Moscow) was co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). The two-day event attracted about 10,000 visitors.

It is a comprehensive expo designed to promote Korean brands and products to support Korean small and medium-sized enterprises entering overseas markets. This expo has been in its 13th year since the first expo started in Bangkok

Business consultations were held as part of the fair. A total of 100 small Korean companies and 350 corporate buyers from Russia or other countries were consulted. Most of the participating companies belonged to one of five promising consumer goods sectors: cosmetics, fashion textiles, agriculture and fishing, household goods and medical tourism.

The fair included special interviews and concerts with Korean celebrities. There were pop members Infinite, NCT127, and actress Ha Ji-won. The Korean Pop Music and TV Experience Zone delighted visitors with a cosmetics and makeup show featuring images and videos of popular Korean celebrities, and cosmetics and beauty techniques used by Korean stars.

KOTRA Chairman Kwon Pyeong-oh said, “It is very meaningful to hold Korea’s first expo in Moscow, the heart of Russia and the center of world culture and arts.

KOTRA’s CEO also emphasized that it is necessary to actively examine how Korean companies secure local Russian markets before the FTA between Korea and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) takes effect through market research supported by Korean pop culture. Popular with locals.