August 16, 2022

The National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service will operate the Korean Pavilion at the upcoming BioFach America 2016 Organic Food Fair to introduce Korean organic food products to overseas buyers.

BioFach is one of the largest organic farming and food trade fairs in the world. BioFachAmerica will begin on September 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland and will run until September 24th to collect organically grown products from around the world. Many affiliates-buyers and sellers-gather at the trade fair to get a glimpse of the new product line and seize the opportunity to sign new contracts.

This year, nine companies including Chungo, Songhansesan, Nokchawon, Kanrim Organic, Trow Nature, and Farmers Mama will participate as representatives of Korea, and will provide a total of 39 environmentally friendly organic products made in Korea. They include mixed particle powder, tea, soy sauce, miso, or doenjang , pepper paste or gochujang , perilla oil and brown rice.

In July 2014, South Korea and the United States signed the South Korea-US Organic Equivalence Agreement, an agreement to approve the mutual certification process for organic products. Under this agreement, foods that have been certified organic in Seoul will be recognized as “organic” in the United States without the need for additional certification.