August 16, 2022

Seoul Design Week 2016 started on September 22nd at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and featured a portfolio of high-tech designs exploring innovative solutions for a “smarter” city. These designs were created by professionals from schools, businesses, and organizations with the aim of identifying the roles and responsibilities of design at the dawn of a new, technology-driven era.

The event deals with the topic of “Smart City, Smart Design, Smart Life” on five routes, with each section asking different questions to improve the convenience and sustainability of city life.

The main part of the exhibition, “Smart Design, Smart Life”, features 49 different types of “accessories”, handy plastic or metal accessories that allow you to connect to your smartphone app and improve the functionality of your mobile device.

The “Smart Mobility International Conference and Exhibition” section shows electric vehicles and other modes of transport that will be used in the near future, including electrically powered scooters, bicycles and floating boards. Visitors can try charging an electric car or ride a Segway-style scooter through a model city block.

There is also the Universal Design Seoul Exhibition section which showcases a range of products that are naturally accessible to the elderly and people with or without disabilities.