June 26, 2022

South Korean internet giant Naver is the latest company to join the metaverse bandwagon, as it announced to expand its business in the same fast-emerging platform connecting virtual communities.

CEO of Naver Labs, Seok Sang-ok during Deview 2021, the company’s 14th developer conference mentioned that they will soon launch Arcverse, a metaverse ecosystem that connects the virtual world and real world.

According to the company, In Arcverse, users will be able to use the data and services from both worlds at the same time. For instance, if people use artificial intelligence to make a cup of coffee in Arcverse, it will do the same in the real world. In its virtual world, country borders would be meaningless.

About Arcverse

• The virtual world will be created by combining systems – digital twin, which is a virtual model accurately reflecting a physical object, systems of robotics,
• An automatic driving and augmented reality that interact with the real world,
• As well as 5G, AI and the cloud that would act as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds.
• The company has also laid out its plans to open top-notch AI services.

The search engine’s team leader of AI platform Naver Clova, Sung Nak-ho commented that many are becoming familiar with AI services such as Clova Note and Face Sign. And on that note, ‘Hyper Clova’ will provide new AI services that will improve daily lives.

About Hyber Clova

Hyper Clova is reported to be the world’s first Korean- language AI model developed by the tech giant. As global AI models mostly support the English language, Naver developed a Korean model of learning data that effectively assists its domestic users.

For instance, sellers using Hyper Clova can get suggestions from the AI on writing sales copy that could effectively catch customers’ attention.

Naver in 2008 had launched the in-house tech event Deview under the slogan of “excellence, sharing, growth”. The company since 2010 has opened its doors to the public.

And starting from 2017, the conference has been known to feature sessions with Naver Labs Europe, a global AI research center under the company, to share the world’s leading research on innovative technology.