June 26, 2022


South Korean tech giant, Samsung Electronics unveiled a fifth-generational network connectivity semiconductor chip, specially made for in-vehicle infotainment services for the first time in the industry.

According to the company, the new telematics control unit for cars, Exynos Auto T5123, is aimed to provide essential information to a vehicle in real-time via high-speed download speeds of up to 5.1 gigabits per second. The new chip will provide passengers with high-definition content streaming services and video calls through 5G-based vehicle communication.

About Exynos Auto T5123 chip –

• The chip can be operable in both standalone and non-standalone modes.
• This is so that the chip works in conjunction with both 5G and long-term evolution infrastructure.
• Samsung has been currently mass-producing the chip.
• The unit comes with a built-in global navigation satellite system and two Cortex-A55 central processing unit cores made by United Kingdom-based semiconductor design firm Arm. This system will enable an enhanced telematics application to track and monitor cars remotely.
• The latest chip is one of the three new logic chips by Samsung Electronics.
• The chip offers faster data transmission, safer in-vehicle infotainment performance, and more reliable operation of connected cars.

According to reports, Samsung has also unveiled the new Exynos Auto V7, it is a processor designed for in-vehicle infotainment systems that will be mounted on mid-to-high-end vehicles.

About Exynos Auto V7

• The chip’s imaging system provides pixel correction, dynamic range compression, and geometric distortion correction for noiseless and distortion-free images used in features such as surround-view and parking assistance.
• The new processor will also support multiple systems simultaneously by bringing safer operation, such as keeping an automotive domain from interfering with one another.
According to Samsung, its new power management integrated circuit, S2VPS01, will rectify and regulate the flow of electrical power in a vehicle. It will also support a more reliable performance of in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Executive vice president of System LSI Custom SOC Business at Samsung Electronics, Park Jae-hong commented that with an advanced 5G modem, an AI-enhanced multi-core processor, and a market-proven power management integrated circuit solution, they are able to transfuse its expertise in mobile solutions into its automotive lineup and is ready to expand its presence within the field.