July 7, 2022


South Korean tech giant, Samsung Electronics receives NFS International certification for its Bespoke water purifier for removing microplastics from water, making it the first in the industry globally. The establishment is a US-based product testing and certification organization.

The NFS International earlier this month had announced a set of new testing standards for removal of microplastics and it was Samsung’s Bespoke water purifier to have achieved the first to get the certification.

Microplastics are less than 5 micrometers in length, these tiny pieces of plastic are extremely difficult to detect. They are known to cause harmful effects to human body, such as cell death and allergic reactions.

About Bespoke water purifier –

• The Bespoke purifier is equipped with a four-level filtration system.
• It has thus far secured a total of 83 certifications for reducing harmful materials, which is the most among water purifier products produced in the country.
• The purifier in order to prevent corrosion uses stainless steel purification pipes and it sanitizes itself every three days.
• And the consumers just in case don’t use the product for about four hours, it will automatically discharge water for safety.

According to Samsung, it mentioned to have worked closely with experts and certification organizations to advance its filtration system with emphasis on five key categories.

• Tiny particles like microplastics.
• PFOS and PFOA from wastewater treatment plants.
• Toxic materials from creatures, such bird toxin and pathogenic parasite, environmental hormones.
• And heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead.

In other news, following Samsung Electronics announcement that it is setting up a new team solely dedicated to the robotics business, shares of robotics tech firms shot up on Monday.

According to stock market reports, among the country’s first-generation robotics companies with more than 30 years of history, Yujin Robot as of 2 p.m (KST) saw a 30 percent rise in its stock price and was trading at 4,150 won ($3.52).

Samsung during CES in 2019 had showed off a series of prototype robots, such as the Bot Handy, a house-keeping robot that can pick up laundry, load the dishwasher and set the table.

Amid speculations that Samsung could seek acquisitions to take an earlier edge in the nascent field, market players have been paying keen attention to robotics companies around the world.