June 27, 2022

U.S social media company Meta Platform Inc.’s, Instagram reckoned global K-pop stars BTS and Netflix hit series Squid Game to be among the most popular hashtags across the world this year.

Meta Korea’s CEO, Jung Ki-hyun on Tuesday mentioned that the popular contents and accounts on Instagram in 2021 reflected the most notable cultural and social spectacles of this year, such as the K-content syndrome, dance trends, and the Tokyo Olympics.

He continued to add that camping and home-styling such as interior tips, became two of the most trending hashtags that most users found interest in aside from the Korean culture phenomena in the country.

Among other fastest growing celebrity accounts from the country were –

• Last week, seven members of BTS who had just opened their official Instagram accounts, were among the fastest-growing accounts.
• Korean solo singer IU, K-pop girl band Blackpink, and dancer Noze’s accounts also grew fast.
• Actors in Squid Game, including Jung Ho-yeon garnered millions of new followers in just few hours. The actor played the role of participant number 67 in the survival competition drama.

The most popular functions on the social media platform was ‘Reels’, where users can edit together a collage of short video clips under a minute. While posts under the categories such as animals, dance, humor, and food also gained the most traction in the country.

According to Instagram, the platform allowed brands to expand their reach alongside an opportunity for celebrities to connect with fans.

The company had conducted a survey which showed that about 90 percent of the platform’s users in the country were found to be following company brands. While in the survey, two-thirds of the respondents mentioned that they regard Instagram as a space to communicate with different brands.

Instagram Korea also mentioned that “Todayhouse” in particular, whose posts covered everything from home-styling trends to community-sourced tips related to home decoration was one of the leading brands on its platform.

Another successful brand account on Instagram has been LG Electronics, it used augmented reality technology that enabled users to see how it would look like to have LG’s product in their homes.