July 7, 2022

With the rise in mining of cryptocurrency across the globe, miners are seeking for “green” chips, or low-power semiconductors to increase their profitability and driving range.

According to industry sources Monday, as miners of cryptocurrencies desperately search for chips that consume less electricity, major chipmakers are producing advanced, low-power chips at full speed, such being Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Samsung Electronics.

According to Hana Financial Investment’s analyst, Claire Kim, conventional chips can’t offer crypto miners the performance and power efficiency they need. They require 5-nanometer chips for their operations. Thus, allowing the chip making giants mentioned above to maintain a high level of operation rate at their advanced chip production lines.

Samsung Electronics earlier in October had announced that it will mass-produce 3-nm chips, in the first half of next year.

The South Korean tech giant, in order to further catch up with its rival TSMC aims to produce the 3-nm chips with a breakthrough technology called gate-all-around, or GAA, which would allow up to a 30 percent higher performance or 50 percent lower power consumption compared to 5-nm chips and 35 percent decrease in area.

While TSMC is also expected to apply similar technologies starting with 2-nm chips, which are set for mass production in 2025.

According to reports, meanwhile in the electric vehicle market as well, the demand for green chips is seeing a continued rise. This is because conventional chips take up too much electricity and cuts off kilometers off the driving range.

Inside an electric vehicle, all sorts of chips can be found to be installed, especially one capable of self-driving has more than 2,000 chips. This by far makes it greater than the 200 to 300 chips used for an internal combustion engine vehicle.

Among the above, inside electric vehicles power chips are arguably the most important chips. Their role is to minimize power loss as batteries supply and distribute electricity throughout the vehicle evenly.

A typical power chips are reportedly made of silicon, however, electric vehicle market leader Tesla is once again trending and leading with the wholly new silicon carbide, or SiC, power chips.