September 27, 2022

South Korean tech company, LG Electronics has announced to showcase a rather puzzling piece of innovation called Media Chair in the upcoming CES 2022 to be held in Las Vegas. The product is a chimera device that combines a curved OLED TV with a recliner chair.

According to LG, the upcoming Media Chair will be mounted with a body massage chair and not just an ordinary recliner chair. While it is also mentioned to be working towards a prototype with an unnamed Korean massage chair company.

The innovation of having a massage chair with an OLED TV cannot only eliminate fatigue but also the boredom of users. While the possibility is also endless, the users could stream Netflix to watching YouTube.

According to an industry data, the size of the Korean massage chair market has been sustained by the pandemic, and is expected to surpass the 1 trillion won ($842.4 million) threshold this year. This has been attributed to people in their 20s and 30s having begun to care more about their health amid the outbreak. This year, it is expected that around one in 10 households will have a massage chair.

According to LG Display, it aims to offer various solutions to its clients with OLED TVs as it is a business-to-business company.

While on Monday, LG Display also unveiled its four new concepts that will be premiered at its hybrid CES 2022 exhibitions in January. The concept uses its transparent panel solutions.

About the new concept product –

• The new concepts feature screens allows users to see objects on the other side that look like normal transparent glass windows.
• However, the screens can display images or deliver information while remaining transparent at the same time.
• The name of the product is “Show Window”. A concept that comprises four 55-inch transparent screens with self-emitting nature, so that a layer of various visual content can be added with products like garments lined up behind the display panels.
• The company has also developed concept, “Shopping Managing Showcase,” that features a single screen that fits inside a wooden frame before the goods on display.