September 27, 2022

South Korean and world renowned K-pop group, BTS’s members RM, Jin, and Suga have fully recovered from the new coronavirus.

BTS’ agency Big Hit Music made an official announcement mentioning that RM and Jin were confirmed to have fully recovered from the new coronavirus and released from isolation on Tuesday, after Suga on Monday.

According to the agency’s fan community platform Weverse, Suga was released from isolation at Monday noon as he was confirmed to have fully recovered from COVID-19, followed by RM and Jin on Tuesday.

The company had mentioned that Suga was confirmed to have the virus on Thursday, Dec. 24, in a polymerase chain reaction test after arriving in Seoul from the United States, a day after returning home from Los Angeles. The group had large-scale live concerts between late November and early December then in the city.

All three had completed the vaccination process earlier in August, and had stayed home in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Group members RM and Jin were confirmed to be virus-positive on Dec.25 evening, adding that RM did not show any symptoms in particular, however, Jin had a slight fever.

BTS members following their recoveries are expected to do group activities soon.

The seven members of the group have been on vacation since early December following in-person concerts in the U.S. from Nov. 27-Dec. 2 in order to spend the holiday season with their family members.

Reports suggest that they are expected to return to work before the Grammy Awards ceremony on Jan. 31 (U.S local time). BTS has been nominated for best pop duo or group performance in Grammy 2022.