June 29, 2022

South Korean rookie boy group Omega X under Spire Entertainment on Wednesday launched their second EP, “Love Me Like,” just four months after their previous release.

The 11-member group in an online press conference announced that through the album it aims to show that they are a group that could have different tunes and concepts tailored to them. It also added that their five-song package is different from anything the group has released before.

The title song of the album – “Love Me Like,” as described by group member Kevin consists of moombahton-based rhythm in the background along with exotic beats and flute sounds entwined with powerful choreography.

He further mentioned that the lyrics of the same talks about one’s strong affection for a lover. The group distinctively chose the rhythms and melodies of Latin music to deliver their version of “love.”

The group members are said to have participated in the full process of the EP as “self-producers,” whilst listing themselves as composers and lyricists.

Members, Jaehan, Hangeyom and Yechan began their musical journey by composing the tune and writing the lyrics for the song “Liar.” The album also includes “Please,” that has been produced by Hangyeom.

Yechan mentioned that the song “Liar,” being his first song to be written with his bandmates talks about saving and protecting your lover.

Group member, Hangyeom expressed high hopes of doing well on the music charts in the near future and achieving a rookie award from the upcoming awards ceremonies. He also hopes to make the New Year theirs by getting a step closer to the public with their music.

Lastly, the group expressed their wish to go global, and host world tours where they would be able to meet international fans.