June 26, 2022

Global streaming service Netflix on Wednesday announced the latest South Korean sci-fi horror “The Silent Sea” to be the most -viewed non-English TV show over a recent one-week period.

According to sources, with the on-going success of original Korean content on Netflix in 2021, the makers and stars of “The Silent Sea,” may have felt the pressure to reign as another successful show overall.

Netflix reported that the drama has topped its official weekly chart for the week from Dec. 27-Jan. 2 for non-English TV programs with 47.8 million hours of viewing. It has outnumbered “The Queen of Flow: Season 2” with 29.5 million hours and “Money Heist: Part 5” with 26.3 million hours.

The eight-part series premiered on Dec. 24 also marked a remarkable on-week increase in viewership, as it placed third with 22.2 million hours previous week.

“The Silent Sea,” has become the third Korean-language series to top the Netflix’s chart for non-English TV shows. This was followed by the global sensation “Squid Game” that was released in September and fantasy horror “Hellbound” released in November.

According to Netflix “The Silent Sea” over the one-week period made the top 10 in the category in 77 countries and also topped the list in six nations, including South Korea and Thailand.

The latest Netflix original starring Bae Doo-na and Gong Yoo has taken on the roles of the two key members — biologist Song Ji-an and the team’s captain Han Yun-jae, respectively. The story is set on the moon, where a group of space explorers is tasked with finding out the secrets of an abandoned research facility, Balhae Base.

According to the US-based streaming analytics firm, FlixPatro, the eight-part series ranked in the fifth place as of Monday on the global Netflix chart.