June 26, 2022

South Korean internet company Kakao’s entertainment unit Kakao Entertainment has announced to launch the NFTs of its global intellectual property “Solo Leveling” webtoon. It is scheduled to go on sale starting from Jan. 12 at a digital art platform and marketplace Klip Drops.

According to the company, it will release webtoon illustrations drawn by Jang Sung-rak, comprising of two of the most famous scenes — the last scene of the final episode and an iconic scene from the 172nd episode.

About the NFT

• The above two NFTs can be bought for 600 KLAY coins, with the first and second NFTs priced at 500 KLAY coins and 100 KLAY coins respectively.
• KLAY is Kakao Corp.’s created cryptocurrency.
• The company on Dec. 30, 2021 had revealed a total of 100 copies of the last scene to be issued. While there will be a total of 200 copies of a scene from the 172nd episode issued.
• The NFTs will be available in Klip Drops in the One Day One Drop section.
• Those who purchase “Solo Leveling” NFTs will be eligible to made additional deals with other NFT collectors in the digital marketplace.

About “Solo Leveling” –

It is an adaptation of a web novel of the same title by Chugong recording over 14.2 billion views worldwide and is Kakao Entertainment’s globally acclaimed IP. The webtoon has topped the charts in North America, ASEAN countries and more.

Kakao Entertainment officials mentioned that along with film, drama, game and animation, the NFT will innovate and lead the trend of webtoons‘secondary creation.

The company also mentioned to be seeking to elevate both the individual IP life cycles and the webtoon industry with the collaboration of the global blockbuster IPs and rising digital asset NFT.