July 7, 2022

South Korean boy group Wei’s member Kim Yo-han released his mini-album “Illusion” on Monday evening, showcasing different colors and melodies of music.

The singer talked about his latest album during a press conference, whilst mentioning the name of the album “illusion” here translates into a fantasy – a reverie that everyone dreams of. He expressed the album to have an ethereal vibe, and spoke about why he decided to let his chicness and charisma take center stage.

For the first time, the 22-year-old took credited himself as a lyricist for three of his songs, including the title track.

Title track “Dessert”

The singer described the song to be of funky disco genre interwoven with basslines that make the music sound groovier. The lyrics talk about sinking toward your lover because of one‘s sweet charms. He mentioned that he wanted to express being dangerously in love with his lover’s attractiveness.

He mentioned to have written the rap lyrics for his two other tracks – “Landing On You” and “Selfish.”

The song “Landing On You” is a track that talks about reveling in the sweet moments with one‘s significant other and how the excitement of spending the day with that person deepens. While “Selfish” is conveyed as the need to be more selfish and take care of oneself at times. He added that he wanted to say that sometimes it‘s crucial to put yourself before others.

The five-track package also comprises of song “Bad” and “Star”.

In “Bad” the singer talks about how he can thrust himself into the darkness for his significant other. And “Star” is a tribute song toward his fandom, expressing about his love and how thankful he is to have them around him.

About Kim Yo-han

Kim Yo-han is widely known as a member of boy group WEi, however, he has been expanding his presence as an actor. The artist before returning as a singer had taken the lead role in drama “School 2021” and was also awarded with the best new actor award at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.