June 27, 2022

South Korean SBS drama “Our Beloved Summer” has recorded soaring sales of its scripts, although the viewership may not have been top notch.

According to local online book stores Aladin and Yes24’s data, the scripts of the TV show have topped the bestselling lists, thus proving the growing popularity of the 16-part series that is scheduled to end on Tuesday.

The success of a TV series has always largely been judged by its viewership rating, however, the growing popularity of over the top platforms and services have led reduced its influence as a factor.

According to the reports, the latest episode of “Our Beloved Summer” airing on Monday-Tuesday although recorded viewership of 4.1 percent, the lowest ratings among series airing in the same time slot, it has been soaring to No.1 in Netflix’s Top 10 chart in various countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia for more than three weeks.

“Our Beloved Summer,” two-volume script secured the top two slots in the bestseller list for more than a week. It has been taking its pre-orders since Jan. 12.

According to Yes24, 44.2 percent of buyers were in their 20s, followed by buyers in their 30s (22 percent), 40s (14.6 percent) and 10s (13.4 percent).

The drama written by the screenwriter Lee Na-eun, its uncut script is scheduled to be released on Feb. 16 with special merchandise exclusively for customers who buy the first edition.

The latest MBC’s hit drama “The Red Sleeve” (2021) and tvN’s “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” (2021) after their run also released photo essays and scripts. They recorded No.2 on online bookstores Aladin and No.1 on Yes24’s bestselling charts, respectively.