June 29, 2022

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) after conduction its first general meeting announced its vision and goals to expand its presence in Asia.

BIFF established in 1996 is the first international film festival in the country that is being held annually in the local theaters of Busan.

According to the BIFF secretariat, it held the first general meeting of 2022 at BIFF Hill of the Busan Cinema Center on Jan. 27. After the meeting BIFF announced its new vision to hold an event to link filmmakers and moviegoers in Asia. Its previous vision was more focused on becoming the best film fest in Asia.

During the meeting the fest organizer also highlighted its goal to create a festival that is being held throughout different Asian countries, instead of as a centralized festival in Busan.

The event organizer through “BIFF Interlink,” will mainly use online channels to allow audiences from different countries to enjoy the annual film festival in Busan. And along with it, its other goal is to establish the biggest Asian story market, where global buyers and sellers of the movie industry can gather.

The organizer mentioned that it will create a platform that is more open and convenient to global film industry insiders.

The Entertainment Intellectual Property Market that is held during the Asian Contents & Film Market, and that assists in holding meetings between film-related intellectual property holders and buyers and will also change its name to Story Market, while strengthening its online platform to meet the needs of the global market.

The 27th Busan film fest this year will be held for 10 days from Oct. 5 to 14, and the Asian Contents & Film Market will take place from Oct. 8 to 11 for four days.

In the meantime, BIFF during the general assembly approved the reappointment of the chairperson, Lee Yong-kwan. He was first appointed in 2018 and will again lead the annual film festival for the next four years.