June 29, 2022

South Korean k-pop boy group Treasure is set to release a new EP after nearly being a year away from the music scene.

The group is set to embark on a new journey of tunes and melodies with their upcoming single and new EP, “The Second Step: Chapter One,” and mark the start of a new series.

The album that is scheduled to come out on Feb. 15 and in preorders has sold over 600,000 copies in eight days, making the record the first of its kind.

The upcoming album marks the start of the second stage of Treasure’s musical journey, the group aims to visit and engage more with fans with their music this year.

The new EP’s title track is “Jikjin.” It is reportedly the group’s most dynamic song so far, and the label has promised that it would have choreography to match to.

The group in a lyric poster released last week teased a snippet of the words to the new song that wrote “You’re the one” and “I’m madly in love.” They also unveiled a 10-second long teaser that hinted at the group’s upcoming titular melody.

Musically, Treasure also took a leap of faith by peppering their album with various genres including ballad, hip-hop, and R&B.

Last Thursday, the group surprised fans by dropping a tracklist for their upcoming album. Apart from the group’s title track “Jikjin,” the six-song album is comprised of other songs “U,” “Darari” and “It’s Okay.” The other two side tracks consists of “BFF (Best Friend Forever),” the soundtrack for “The Mysterious Class” and “Gonna Be Fine,” which will only be available via the group’s‘s physical album.

Group members, and rap line Hyunsuk, Yoshi and Haruto — once again listed themselves as composers and lyricists for their parts. Hyunsuk is also been credited for writing the words and tunes for “BFF,” while Yedam made “Darari” and directed the recording of the song.