September 26, 2022

Leading South Korean entertainment agency, JYP Entertainment is looking to extend the global reach of label’s artists Stray Kids and Itzy through a stronger partnership with Republic Records.

On Thursday (US Time), Republic Records, a major American music label owned by Universal Music Group announced that its expanded partnership with JYP that kicked off in 2020 with K-pop girl group Twice.

The US music agency under the expanded partnership will support activities of JYP’s artists, including Stray Kids and Itzy, on the global stage.

Two years ago JYP and Republic made a major impact with Twice, which helped the nine-member group expand its reach into the US.

According to reports, since then, Twice has had two Top 10 albums on Billboard’s main albums charts — “Formula of Love: T+O=<3” and “Taste of Love.” The girl group also released its first English-language single, “The Feels,” last year which debuted at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100.

JYP Entertainment CEO Jung Wook mentioned that they are beyond delighted to move forward with Republic Records, being the most outstanding label in the United States, in developing the major artist roster of both companies hereafter, starting with Twice‘s successful kickoff.

The founder and CEO of Republic Records, Monte Lipman, also hinted that Republic is planning to announce more news soon concerning the two agencies’ partnership.