July 7, 2022

South Korea’s first virtual social media influencer Rozy is set to make a debut as a singer this month.

According to Sidus Studio X, Rozy’s maker, its debut song will be produced by Vanilla acoustics Jung Jae-won, who has worked with artists such as Bolbbalgan4, while Music Vine will be participating in the project as a production company.

Sidus Studio X, which produced the virtual human based on AI, hinted that Rozy’s debut song will feature a warm melody and the virtual influencer’s captivating voice.

The Sidus Studio X officials mentioned that Rozy’s upcoming song release will also mark the second time a virtual influencer has debuted as a singer, following Miquela Sousa, an American character which was created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou.

However, a Korean “cyber singer” Adam have had even debuted earlier in 1998. The virtual figure was modeled after actor Won Bin which successfully drew attention in the country despite his rudimentary and slightly jarring dance moves.

Rozy was first introduced last July as an advertising model for the local life insurer Shinhan Life. She was also featured in commercials of various businesses including an online fashion platform and a carmaker.

The virtual influencer who is forever 22-year-old was created by combining the looks most favored by people born between 1980s and early 2000s.

According to the company, nearly 800 facial expressions and movements were extracted from an actor through 3D modeling technology. Currently, she has garnered over 110,000 Instagram followers.

LG Electronics’ virtual human ambassador Reah Keem in the meantime is also preparing for a debut as a singer. The chief producer of Mystic Story, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin, will oversee the project from writing songs to vocal training for the artificial intelligence-based virtual influencer.

Although the exact date for the 23-year-old virtual human‘s singing debut has yet to be announced, her debut was teased in January when LG unveiled a music video clip at the Consumer Electronics Show.