June 29, 2022

South Korean and renowned global boy group BTS will be returning to the United States for another series of concerts in Las Vegas in April.

Big Hit Music, the group’s agency announced that part of their “Permission to Dance on Stage” tour will be held on April 8-9 and 15-16 that has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, with the last show to be live-streamed.

BTS since their debut in 2013 has led a global K-pop trend with catchy, upbeat music and dances, as well as lyrics and social campaigns aimed at empowering young people, with many having formed massive online fan bases.

The seven-member group played its first in-person concerts in November, in Los Angeles, since the onset of the pandemic and just last week it announced to put on the first in-person shows for their home country fans, ever since the pandemic began, with three concerts in the capital, Seoul, next month.

Earlier on Tuesday, the group’s agency reported that Kim Tae Hyung aka V, singer and songwriter in the group had recovered from a coronavirus infection.

He was the group’s fifth member to contract COVID-19, including three who hadtested positive in December shortly after their return from the U.S. shows.

The group had earlier postponed and then called off what was meant to be their biggest international tour involving nearly 40 concerts due to the pandemic spread in 2020. Instead they conducted some online shows.