June 26, 2022

Two South Korean illustrated books written by Lee Su-zy and Choi Deok-kyu, each, have won this year’s Bologna Ragazzi Awards for children’s literature.

According to reports, the prestigious annual international awards identify the best products in terms of graphic and editorial quality, innovation and communication with young readers. While it is evaluated by an international jury of experts, and the categories are divided into four genres: fiction, nonfiction, opera prima (debut work) and comics.

Author Lee Su-zy’s “Summer” and Choi Deok-kyu’s “Father’s Big Hands” both respectively received this year’s awards for fiction and nonfiction.

The awards ceremony will be held at Italy’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair, which is expected to open March 21.

Author Lee’s “Summer,” published by BIR Publishing Co., is a book divided in three acts, and is inspired by composer Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons.” Children can access the writer’s own commentary through a video with Vivaldi‘s Summer theme playing in the background by scanning a QR code on the book’s dust jacket. The 148-page book solely focuses on illustrations, with no text involved.

Author Choi’s ”Father’s Big Hands,” published by YUN Edition, is based on the author’s own story about a boy who grows up under his father’s care, then looks after his father when he becomes an adult himself. Many readers felt deeply touched with the switched roles in the father-to-son relationship depicted in the book. The illustrated book as per word of mouth, came to be beloved by adults as well. Choi upon the announcement went on to thank readers for recognizing his book and letting others know about it.