June 29, 2022
Telehealth Technology
Telehealth Technology


Telemedicine is the use of digital information and communication technologies such as computers and mobile devices to remotely access and administer health care. It may be a technology you use at home or that your doctor uses to improve or support your health care.

Telemedicine software is a platform that healthcare providers use to connect with patients and share videos and images. May be integrated with the provider’s electronic health record and scheduling system.

The explosion of interest in telemedicine over the past 4-5 years may appear to be a relatively new use of communication technology, but in fact, telemedicine has been used in some form for over 30 years. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) played an important role in the early development of telemedicine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telemedicine as “the provision of healthcare services where all healthcare professionals, where distance is an important factor, use information and communication technologies to exchange valid information for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries”. research and evaluation, and any interest to promote the health of individuals and communities for the continuing education of health care providers.

Expanding access to health care, along with stimulating telemedicine growth, has united providers and patients in ways previously unimaginable.2,3 Telemedicine encompasses a wide range of practices and specialties, enabling patients and providers to This includes interactions between phone, email, video chat or conference, Internet and remote devices. The rapid expansion of telemedicine, especially during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, increases the potential for liability and liability, along with various regulations and guidelines. Problem