July 7, 2022
frozen foods
frozen foods

We all love a warm, hearty home-made dinner, but let’s face it. Fighting rush hour traffic after a long day of work leaves little time (not to mention energy) to prepare those meals. And when no inspiration comes to mind after looking into the refrigerator for a minute or two, we all inevitably take pre-made frozen foods from the freezer and put them in the microwave.

Thanks for the modern option, especially if it’s your third time this week to return to this wonderful safeguard this week. After all, ready-to-eat isn’t that bad, is it? A ready-to-eat meal is a pre-packaged, frozen or fresh meal that requires little or no preparation other than reheating.

Fortunately, a lot of ready-made products have appeared since the macaroni & cheese TV tray dinner. You can now find a variety of gourmet dishes, from specific cultural dishes to organic and vegetarian options. The newest, and perhaps healthiest, product is packaged in such a way that the container acts as a steamer so that essentially raw ingredients (usually fish or chicken and vegetables) can be quickly cooked just before consumption. It’s no surprise that frozen ready-to-eat foods are popular. They are fast, convenient, cheap, easy, and distributed. The challenge, of course, is to find healthy ready-to-eat food that tastes good, satisfies hunger and doesn’t interfere with your diet.

The freezing process of frozen ready-to-eat foods tends to degrade the taste of the food. To compensate, meals are processed with extra salt and fat to add flavor. Also, long-term stabilization of these products means that some items usually contain preservatives and unhealthy vegetable oils. However, there are some differences between brands, so you should read the “Nutrition Information” panel on the package to see if your choice is healthier.

Unfortunately, most ready-made products are out of balance. They provide too much or no starch, some are too high in protein and fat, and most do not contain enough nutrients in the form of vegetables or salads. First of all, most ready-made meals are served in too large portions, so it is important to dispense them correctly.