June 29, 2022
Cloud Microservice Platform
Cloud Microservice Platform

Cloud Microservice Platform– Microservices (or microservices architecture) is a cloud-native architecture approach in which a single application consists of many small components or services that are loosely coupled and can be deployed independently.

Delivery robots face storage and computational stress when performing immediate tasks that exceed the limits of their onboard computing power. Based on cloud computing, robots can offload intensive tasks to the cloud and free up massive data resources. The distributed cluster architecture allows the platform to offload computing and increase the computing power of the control center, which can be considered the robot’s external “brain”. While extending the capabilities of robots, deploying cloud services remains complex because most current cloud robotics applications are based on monolithic architectures.

Cloud robot technology is a new technology developed by robots with the help of cloud computing. While the storage and computing power of conventional robots is limited to the robot body, intelligence requires more knowledge storage, retrieval and inference computing capabilities. As an answer to this question, Professor James Kuffner of Carnegie Mellon University first proposed the concept of cloud robots in 2010. Cloud robots are a combination of robotics technology and cloud computing. Offload complex computing functions such as data processing, planning, decision making, and robotic collaboration to the cloud.

Robot unloading computing depends on the cloud platform to be achieved. A cloud platform, also known as hardware virtualization, abstracts and transforms the physical hardware resources of multiple computers, allowing them to be partitioned and combined into one or more computer configuration environments.

The platform is pre-built with development tools, and these tools enable robot application developers to develop in the cloud without the need for background customization to achieve rapid deployment and launch of robotics cloud services.