June 29, 2022
Bluetooth Headsets for Phone Call
Bluetooth Headsets for Phone Call


As headphone jacks disappear, more professionals are searching for the best wireless headset for phone calls. A Bluetooth headset allows people to be hands-free whether they take a video call or an audio call. Bluetooth headsets mean no more wires to get tangled in whether you’re presenting to your boss or catching up with an old friend.

A good Bluetooth headset is indispensable for those business professionals who take and make calls all day, every day. And since so many of us are still working from home, you may need one of these devices for your home office, too. The best Bluetooth headsets allow you to take calls while freeing up your hands to complete other tasks like driving or typing. And if you are on the go all day — or simply pacing back and forth as you adjust to that WFH lifestyle — it’s essential that you are able to answer and make phone calls without fumbling with your phone.

If you’re out and about listening to headphones and someone calls, it’s much more convenient to speak into your headphones than take them off and use your phone. Since almost every pair of headphones now have a microphone and controls built-in, it’s easier than ever to take a phone call wherever you are. While earpiece-style Bluetooth headsets are still quite common with people who use the phone a lot, we haven’t tested many, so in this article, we’ll look at regular Bluetooth headphones with good microphones as well.

Keep in mind that there are some limitations to Bluetooth. This technology uses Bluetooth profiles, which are specifications for how data communicates between devices. To use your wireless headphones with full audio and mic compatibility, the headphones switch from Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which is a basic one-way profile, to Headset Profile (HSP) or Hands-Free Profile (HFP). However, HSP and HFP have lower sound and mic quality when compared to A2DP. Unfortunately, there’s no real way around this if you want to use Bluetooth headphones.