September 27, 2022

According to the Korea International Trade Association, Korea  exported 2,196 tons of samgyetang worth around $ 9.85 million last year  . This corresponds to an increase of 27.8 percent over the previous year’s exports of USD 7.5 million.

Korea only started exporting samgyetang  to the USA in the second half of 2014  . However, 202 tons of the court were sold that year, valued at around $ 1.20 million. Last year, 570 tons of  samgyetang  worth $ 3.38 million were exported to the United States. This makes the USA the second largest  samgyetang export market. Given these increases, it is likely that the US will become the largest export destination for  samgyetang  , as the US has approximately 14 million Asian consumers who are in high demand for ginseng chicken soup.

China is also a promising, growing market for samgyetang  exports thanks to the recently ratified Korea-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA)  . During Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit to Korea last October, Korea and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding by which the Chinese government eased regulations on Korean exports of rice, kimchi and  samgyetang  .

In the past, China’s strict quarantine procedures made it difficult to export cattle such as chickens. In the case of  Samgyetang, for example, China applied strict quarantine rules to the court because the country viewed ginseng, one of the main ingredients, as a medicinal ingredient. However, the Chinese authorities are now putting in place measures to define ginseng as a common food.