July 7, 2022
modular E-Axle drive System

modular E-Axle drive System

For electric drives, there are various requirements to consider, such as being able to optimize weight and footprint requirements while meeting the demand for more performance and range. Our electric all-in-one drive solution handles all these issues perfectly. The E-Axle combines power electronics, an electric motor and a transmission all in a compact system housing.

The modular design reduces complexity and provides great flexibility to adapt power, torque and footprint to your specific vehicle concept. Whether you’re looking for a main drive or a second E-Axle that offers extra boost and performance, drive units from Bosch are an attractive solution for any vehicle segment.

The new E-Axle drive is applicable to many types of vehicles and can be mounted on the front or rear axle of hybrid and electric vehicles. The modular structure and flexible manufacturing concept facilitate customized solutions in terms of power, torque and footprint anywhere in the world.

With system voltages of up to 800 V, higher power density thanks to silicon carbide semiconductor technology and efficiencies of up to 96%, electric drive solutions take electrical drive solutions to the next level. The benefits are clear. Impressive acceleration with high torque, fast charging and increased range. For further performance boost, Bosch additionally offers the E-Axle as an auxiliary drive that provides up to 100 kW of additional power. The compact design and high level of system integration in one housing provide an attractive overall solution in terms of cost. The E-Axle thus becomes the perfect solution for electric drive in battery electric vehicles and hybrid applications, combining innovation, economy and efficiency in one systemx.