June 29, 2022
Connected Car Mobility Solutions

Connected Car Mobility Solutions

Connected Car Mobility Solutions is a term used to describe the ability of different modes of transport to be integrated into a seamless platform… It enables these disparate systems to communicate with each other, share data, and improve the efficiency and user experience of overall transportation mobility. network.

The Connected Vehicle solution provides secure vehicle connectivity to the AWS Cloud and includes in-vehicle local computing, sophisticated event rules, and data processing and storage capabilities.

Cloud-ready generally refers to applications that have been traditionally built and then migrated to the cloud. These applications were originally designed to be monolithic and depend on local resources and hardware. When migrating an application to the cloud, the application is refactored to use virtual resources, but the underlying architecture remains the same.

Smartphone-assisted carpooling and car-sharing services such as Uber and Ola are prime examples of connected cars functioning as a transportation alternative that provides convenient traveler options by monetizing independent drivers.

Mobility solutions in use today, based on traditional concepts involving individual transport and mostly fossil fuels, are problematic from an ecological point of view and in no way represent an efficient use of time or resources. Whenever we use our car for commuting, we usually know that this is not the most efficient choice.

In particular, we can see young people intuitively recognizing the potential of connected mobility and outwardly acknowledging their belief in these new technological solutions.