September 26, 2022
Mining Consulting Service Market

Mining Consulting Service Market

Mining Consulting Service Mine consultants play an important role in the feasibility, planning, design and construction, operation and improvement of both small and large mines. A consultant is an experienced design engineer, mine designer, operations specialist or maintenance engineer who operates independently of mine operations.

The mining industry continues to face volatility in commodity prices and geopolitical uncertainty. To ensure that their business is sufficiently agile and flexible to respond to changes as they occur, mining companies must have the ability to increase output, reduce costs and improve efficiencies in response to market conditions.

General mining services include underground and surface drilling, blasting, mineral assaying (geochemical and precious metals analysis), sample preparation, underground mining, exploration drilling, loading and hauling services, handheld mining, and shotcrete/fibrecrete services.

Underground mines are starting to use remote loading, hauling and dumping (LHD) machines. Larger mines have moved from pilot-scale deployments to adopting LHD as the new standard. For a mining company, autonomous transport system trucks increased productivity by 20%.

Technical mining or technical mining refers to the application of text mining methods to technical documents. For patent analysis, it is called ‘patent mining’.

DMT provides professional, interdisciplinary services supporting all aspects of mine development, from exploration and feasibility to design, digital transformation, contract negotiation, construction supervision, mine management, operational support and training.

The company also specializes in providing technical due diligence for mine assets, valuations and independent technical reports, often acting as an engineer for an independent lender or owner’s engineer.

Our clients include a variety of mining and exploration companies. lenders and investor governments, including major investment and development banks; law firm; relief agencies and insurance companies.