June 27, 2022
Video Games Advertising Market

Video Games Advertising Market

Advertising in video games is the incorporation of advertising into video games to promote a product, organization, or point of view. There are two main categories of video game advertising: in-game advertising and advertising games.

Many games utilize advertising or product placement such as billboards to create a real gaming environment. For example, many sports games incorporate these advertisements to simulate heavy advertising within professional sports. Similarly, many games use branded products such as guns and cars as in-game status symbols. These brand references may not be advertisements and are placed in the game purely for plot or design reasons.

Increased Internet connections and bandwidth have increased the use of dynamic IGAs, which allow game manufacturers or advertising providers to serve ads remotely, update ads after game launch, and target ads based on time or region. This approach combines the customization of web banners with the functionality of traditional billboards and posters, as most in-game advertisements do not link to websites outside of the game. Dynamic IGA allows game manufacturers or ad delivery services to track ads in real time and capture viewing data such as screen time, ad types and viewing angles.

There are different types of mobile game advertising strategies and ad formats that developers can incorporate into their games to generate mobile game advertising revenue, such as rewarded video ads, offerwall ads, and interstitial ads.