July 7, 2022
Pedestrian Protection System
Pedestrian Protection System

Summary :-

Car safety is a major concern for most car shoppers, and accidents involving pedestrians are on the rise. Sensing is an advanced safety system designed to warn the driver of pedestrians in the vehicle’s path (or near the path).

Pedestrians are particularly at risk from traffic. In most accidents, pedestrians collide with the front of the vehicle. Legal requirements for pedestrian protection and consumer protection testing have become quite stringent in recent years. This presents serious problems for sensor equipment that must reliably detect collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. Electronic systems from Bosch for active impact protection for pedestrians are a safe and cost-effective solution to meet the legal requirements for pedestrian protection in vehicles.

Pedestrian detection works using a combination of cameras, radar and lidar sensors. These systems must monitor the surroundings of the vehicle and ensure that the driver and vehicle respond appropriately. The camera looks for objects in the vehicle’s path, some looking for people crossing in front of the vehicle. Radar sends out a radio wave and measures the time it takes for it to bounce off an object and return. Lidar works the same way, but uses light.

Some pedestrian detection systems work in tandem with automatic emergency braking systems. The system automatically applies the brakes when the driver does not react in time. Some vehicles are equipped with city speed automatic emergency braking and fewer vehicles are equipped with high speed automatic emergency braking. Rear automatic emergency braking is also available on some vehicles.

Consumer Reports has reported on the effectiveness of pedestrian detection technology. They noted that the AAA has tested a variety of vehicles and situations that require pedestrian detection technology to avoid a collision. In our tests, at 20 MPH, there was only a 40% chance of avoiding a daytime crash with an adult. If the test vehicle had turned right at 15 mph, a crash could not have been avoided.