June 29, 2022
Management information systems
Management information systems

It connects multiple systems operated by the various organizations that make up the port community. The new operating system is a neutral and open electronic platform that enables the intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders. The system does this by optimizing, managing and automating port and logistics processes through a single web-based software platform.

One of the key positive characteristics of this system is that it is a single source of relevant and accurate information that is fully available on a single integration and standardization platform. This software feature meets the needs of every member of the port community, giving you full control over cargo flow and replacing paperwork with electronic information distribution. The software can also notify parties of delays or problems with shipments in transit, providing efficient tracking and tracking. A highly secure IT system, fully integrated through web services and cutting-edge technology, provides cargo owners with accurate cargo information including their current location, providing enhanced service to cargo owners.

This allows the exchange of information between the customer and the domestic customs and other authorities. PMIS is implemented according to the single-window paradigm. The basic principle is that all data is submitted to the system only once. The Port Community System optimizes, manages and automates logistically efficient processes and connects the transport and logistics chains through a single data submission.

PMIS has been implemented by the following parties and has been fully used to date.

  • Loro/Ferry Terminal
  • General cargo terminal (container operation and breakbulk and dry bulk operation)
  • finance department
  • Control room (ship related work)
  • Marine services (tugs and pilots)
  • Parking (park zone management)
  • Other companies (UTR towing operations)
  • Customer (write cargo notice)