June 26, 2022
Mono PERC solar panels
Mono PERC solar panels

Solar cells convert sunlight (photons) directly into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Cells can be used to power consumer products such as electronic toys and portable radios. However, it can also be used in larger systems on site and on commercial roofs, contributing to the supply of renewable energy. They can also be wired together to form panels to provide power to homes, especially for homes in remote areas where conventional power is unavailable. Solar cells also provide power for most space installations. Groups of solar panels can be arranged to form an array that can generate electricity on a larger scale for distribution to industrial, commercial and residential users.

With a technology that combines rear wafer surface passivation and local rear contacts to maximize light capture, mono PERC solar modules are paving the way for dramatically increased PV system efficiency. Our portfolio of mono PERC solar panes features products engineered to provide EPCs, installers, contractors, and solar project managers with the performance and reliability required to meet the needs of residential, commercial and utility customers. They are supported by a flexible wholesale solar financing platform designed to help businesses of all sizes lower their cost of capital, unlock value and accelerate growth.

Exceeding all industry standards and certifications, our monocrystalline PERC solar panels are available in white (higher power) and all black (more refined aesthetics) PV backsheet variants. A standard 25-year warranty is provided to ensure maximum performance over the lifetime of your PV plant.

  • High performance mono PERC cell structure.
  • Excellent performance in low light and high temperature conditions.
  • Higher energy density per square foot than conventional single crystal cells.
  • Light absorption increases as the unabsorbed light is reflected back to the solar cell.
  • Extended cable length for easier installation; Elegant and modern panel design.
  • A superior anti-reflective coating captures more light, increasing efficiency.
  • Improved junction box sealing protects against moisture and extends product life.