July 7, 2022
Port Automation Solutions
Port Automation Solutions


The Port Automation System consists of intelligent solutions that enable the continuous and smooth operation of cranes, automated vehicles, automated containers, remotely monitored rubber tire gantry cranes (RTG), closed circuit television (CCTV), optical character recognition (OCR) and more. It’s possible. These systems send massive amounts of data in real time to the port control center, allowing staff to quickly and proactively troubleshoot and resolve operational issues in real time.

Although ports have adopted automation more slowly than similar sectors like mining and warehousing, the pace is now starting to accelerate. Automated ports are more secure than traditional ports. It reduces the number of human-related interruptions and makes performance more predictable. However, the initial capital expenditure is quite high, and operational issues such as lack of functionality, poor data, isolated operations and difficulties in handling exceptions are very significant. A McKinsey survey found that while operating costs decrease, productivity also decreases, and the return on investment is below current industry standards.

Nevertheless, successful automation ports show that careful planning and management can overcome these difficulties. Operating costs can be reduced by 25-55% and productivity can increase by 10-35%. And in the long term, these investments will be driven by a new paradigm (called Port 4.0) that is part of the shift from asset operators to service orchestrators, part of a larger shift to Industry 4.0, or digitally enabled efficiencies across the global economy. will lead you on the way. Port 4.0 creates more value for port operators, suppliers and customers alike, but that value is not distributed proportionally across ports and ecosystems. Realizing this vision requires innovative business models and forms of collaboration.