June 29, 2022
professional service robot
professional service robot


A professional service robot is a type of robot deployed outside the traditional factory environment within a professional environment. As with industrial robots, automation technology is often used for dangerous, demanding, vulgar or repetitive tasks that outperform manual labor. Unlike industrial robots, professional service robots are typically characterized by a degree of autonomy and mobility in unstructured environments.

Professional service robots come in many forms and functions. From agriculture to medical care to fulfillment centers and more, professional service robots represent a fast-growing segment of the robotics market and offer numerous benefits to end users. Professional service robots are just beginning to appear in the form of commercially viable automation. This is mainly because advanced vision systems combined with complex navigation capabilities have only recently been able to support this type of automation.

The main benefit end-users see from professional service robots is increased productivity, as with many other forms of automation. Professional service robots can automate tasks that previously could not be automated. The connected nature of this robot allows for detailed data collection that promotes continuous productivity improvements. Professional service robots offer significantly greater uptime, speed and consistency compared to manual labor, resulting in significant efficiency gains. By automating hazardous or arduous tasks, these robots also provide greater safety for a wide range of applications. \Professional service robotics is a rapidly growing segment of the robotics industry, automating tasks that industrial robots could never do and giving human workers the opportunity to focus on more cognitively oriented tasks.