July 7, 2022
E-Learning Industry
E-Learning Industry

Advances in technology are increasingly changing the way we learn and communicate in the business environment. The ubiquity of computers makes distance learning possible, primarily through various e-learning platforms, to a growing number of people with systematic use. To remain competitive in the marketplace, businesses must prepare for. This white paper provides an overview of the existence of e-learning in enterprises in the Republic of Croatia through a brief classification of the features and content of e-learning and a survey of 90 companies.

Employee training increases work efficiency, so businesses must invest in employee development. But realizing the need for training is only the beginning. The choice of proper training leaves many doubts. However, choosing a teaching method is the most difficult part of the process. In addition to traditional education, which is still the most popular education, Internet education is gaining popularity. The choice between e-learning and traditional education is complex.

It depends on many factors such as the size and requirements of the company. Small businesses that need to train a small number of employees require a completely different solution than companies where hundreds or thousands of employees are trained, and can be useful for organizing internal training, information and communications systems. This article shows the pros and cons of traditional training and e-learning training those businesses should consider when choosing an employee training method.

On one hand, the quality of instruction, the cost-effectiveness of new technology, a supportive e-learning educational culture, an expansion of the Internet, an increase in online courses, shorter business cycles, mergers, and increasing competition encourage business use of e-learning. On the other hand, employee disuse of learning technologies, insufficient corporate investment, lack of business-related university courses, and narrow bandwidth and Internet access issues are limiting the business use of these technologies.