July 6, 2022
UV inkjet printers
UV inkjet printers

UV inkjet printers use a UV digital printing process to apply a 2D digital image to a 3D object. UV inkjet printers use an ink delivery system, also known as a printhead, to jet small droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, glass, metal and other substrates to form an image. The image is sent digitally (through the use of a computer) to the printer and is an exact representation of the digital image. UV inkjet printing operations are most prominently used in a variety of industries such as promotion, electronics, industrial and beverage containers.

Popular UV inkjet printer applications: pens, flash drives, saw blades, injection molded items, and tumblers. Activities are focused on UV curing and water-based inkjet ink systems. Zeller+Gmelin relies primarily on working with system integrators and machine manufacturers for development, according to Jochen Christiaens, a digital printing expert responsible for this strategic business area. The goal is to leverage the synergies of our knowledge of chemistry and inkjet technology and the application-specific expertise available to ink manufacturers through years of networking in the rigid plastics, narrow web, metal decoration and packaging markets. segment.

Developments are currently underway primarily in the market for industrial digital printing for the individual design of glass, plastics and metals, as well as applications in large format printing. There is also a focus on the company’s traditional business areas, such as narrow web, metal and part printing. The shift from analog to digital printing technology is in full swing, especially in these sectors. At this stage, Zeller+Gimmelin is “professional complete” in the development of new products and parts, as well as, above all, the integration with cooperating partners.

The equipment includes a camera to observe droplet formation, an ITL (Integration Technologies) LED dryer for curing the ink, and facilities to pretreat the substrate so that surface tension can be affected. The jetting system is powerful enough for Zeller+Gmelin’s “inkjet team” to replicate virtually any printing application and implement product development mostly in-house.