July 7, 2022
3D AOI Equipment
3D AOI Equipment


Automated inspection systems are systems that automatically inspect products according to pre-programmed criteria. Optical sensors, ultrasonic sensors or X-rays can be used. AOI is used in many industries. They can ensure that industrial pipe has the required thickness and is properly welded. Alternatively, you can ensure that the components are properly placed and soldered onto a small circuit board. Automated systems can rely on simple validation criteria, such as ensuring that components fit within geographic boundaries. Alternatively, advanced algorithms can be used to verify measurements and flag defects. These algorithms rely on geographic pattern matching to determine whether the board in front passes the quality check. Here are a few things you need to know about 3D automated optical inspection.

New technologies can be used to advance your business and handle urgent and fluctuating market requirements. To overcome the limitations of today’s 3D AOI technology, our patented approach combines the most advanced lighting, sophisticated image processing and full 3D measurement data to create the highest quality solder inspection process possible. High-precision solder shape reconstruction combined with High Speed ​​3DCT-AXI helps to achieve a defect-free product when combined into a final quality process, then combines 3D AOI and 3D AXI inspection to realize significant labor savings. The 4-way MPS projector eliminates shadows and secondary reflections for reliable inspection of minute components and provides visibility even at connector solder joints.

The industry is standing on the threshold of the 4th industrial revolution. Automation leads to digitization of production. Our goal is to solve social problems and problems on the production floor. We are developing a range of trusted AI tools to address customer concerns when using AI for inspection, such as undetected defects and/or managing large amounts of machine learning data. By taking control of everything from AI image acquisition to model creation and testing, we provide end-to-end support to address all your concerns about adopting AI to meet your shop floor needs.