June 29, 2022
Kitchen Display System (KDS)
Kitchen Display System (KDS)

How are you operating the kitchen today? If you are still using handwritten paper notes or printed tickets to fulfill your order, you are not alone. But you may miss a real opportunity.

To increase efficiency, more restaurants are turning to technology that replaces kitchen printers and manual processes. The technology is called the Kitchen Display System (KDS) and has the potential to completely transform work behind the house.

KDS is effectively a digital menu board for kitchen staff. It acts as a traffic cop between the front of house staff and the kitchen and provides the following features:

  • Routing orders to appropriate food preparation stations
  • At the same time, organize items so that the food that needs to be served can be arranged in order.
  • Notify kitchen staff if order has been queued for too long
  • It can be customized according to the flow of the kitchen.
  • It’s interactive, so kitchen staff can hit other stations or mark dishes when they’re ready.
  • Front-of-house staff can check the status of dishes on mobile POS and pick up orders as soon as they are ready. We may also use this information to share updates with customers.

Whether your business is large or small, here are 8 reasons to consider introducing KDS to your restaurant kitchen operation.

It’s easily done. The waiter took the order and added it to the ticket rack via the kitchen printer, but the busy service may cause the ticket to drop and be lost or accidentally removed from the rack. Too fast. This simple mistake can ruin your service. The kitchen staff eventually rushes to pick up the missed order. Worse, customers may not even realize what happened until they complain of slow service.

KDS completely excludes this problem from the equation. By automatically marking new orders and arranging them into logical queues, KDS ensures that employees always know exactly what’s going on and ensure that no food is left over or leftovers.

Restaurants use KDS to clearly verify incoming orders from the restaurant floor. The screen shows what items are in the queue and how long they have been in the queue. Food is prioritized and highlighted when orders are needed to serve them hot and fresh.

Importantly, KDS displays special requests, menu customizations, dietary requirements and allergy information to kitchen staff and updates in real time so they can prepare accordingly and place orders on time. Even if a customer changes their mind after their initial order, such as asking them not to put mayonnaise on their burgers, for example, a note from the POS forces KDS to update immediately and indicate the change. In this way, kitchen staff can accommodate requests, avoid unnecessary food waste and ensure that entire orders arrive at the table at the same time. The result is an organized operation where kitchen staff can see exactly what they need to do and when.

KDS takes the clutter out of busy services. For example, an order is sent to the correct workstation, separating the items that need to go to the grill and those that need to go to the salad station. This increases the efficiency of the kitchen as staff can complete more orders while staying at the station. No need to shout back and forth for instructions, no need to move around to see small pieces of paper. Tasks are assigned automatically and ticketing can be completed faster.